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Translations & Solutions is an agency located in Lima, capital city of Peru. However, technology has been the best tool to serve clients beyond borders around the globe.

Our company provides professional language services, including translation, interpretation, editing and proofreading services as well as language courses. Our team ready to take on projects locally or anywhere in the world is comprised of highly qualified translator interpreters and instructors with a solid professional background and great personal skills.



Before we begin a new translation project, our project managers analyze all aspects...



Translations & Solutions strives to provide our clients with the highest possible quality...


English training in-house

In-house language courses taught by highly trained instructors who are constantly improving...


City Tours

Translations & Solutions offers unforgettable experiences. Keen on the history, culture...



Tranasasslations & Solutions is currently recruiting freelance independent interpreters, translators and language instructors.

Send us a cover letter explaining why you want to work with Translations & Solutions, along with your resume to info@translationsnsolutions.com (With the subject: careers).

Related experience necessary.

These positions are for freelance independent professionals only.


Clients served by Translations & Solutions, a leading language solutions agency based in Lima - Peru.

The quality of your work is just great!

Harbor Distributing LLC California - EEUU.

Thank you for always responding to our translation needs in a timely manner. Your staff has provided us with excellent customer services and the quality of your work is just great. We could not ask for anything else. We truly appreciate your service. Please extend my gratitude to your staff. Keep up with the good work!

Excellent customer services and very professional work.

Agroindustries NOBEX S.A. Lima – Perú

Thanks for everything!. Excellent customer services and very professional work. You definitely understood our requirements at 100%!

Great level of the language and teaching methods!

Mabe - Information Technology Lima – Perú

The lessons are customized. They meet my requirements. Great level of the language and teaching methods. The language instructors are highly qualified professionals and very polite people.

Calidad Academica

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola Lima – Perú

Commitment, accuracy, feedback, interest in the topic and effective. The staff is always willing to cooperate at the shortest time. Excellent!

Great results!

Parroquia Santuario San Martin de Porres. P. Julio E. Zafra Cotrina, Judge of the Ecclesiastical Court. Lima – Peru.

The lessons and methodology are very interesting and dynamic. The atmosphere is nice and I felt very confident. My teacher is very demanding, but also very patient and always willing to help. Great results!

I will definitely recommend your services...

Denali Moving LLC. Las Vegas EE.UU.

I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to your company. I could not ask for a better service. I needed fast and professional translation services and you guys delivered for me. I must say I was very impressed with the customer service, any questions I had were answered in a timely manner and most important they made me feel that I could always make changes whenever I pleased. Anyway keep up the good work, I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know.